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Active User, Active lifestyle

We don’t sell mobility scooters, comfy seats, grab rails or ‘Granny Carts’, just a one stop shop for active and sports chair users. The showroom provides the perfect area to view an extensive selection of chairs, handcycles and sports equipment from Kuschall, TiLite, Quickie/Sopur, Top End, Melrose, VMC , Wolturnus and Draft among many others.
Since we’ve been manufacturing our own chairs since 1997, we have a full fabrication workshop which can┬áprovide the most comprehensive ‘race tuning’ service to ensure that you get a chair that will best suit your needs and importantly fit you perfectly. Borrow a chair to try, mix and match components, have on the spot repairs, discuss your requirements over tea and biscuits; we’re here to help.

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Draft Supply CeramicSpeed Bearings

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