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Corima Flexible Valve Extender 2

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Corima Flexible Valve Extender for Disc wheels.

Valve not moved, not pressurised

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Detailed Description

Having trouble getting the pump head attached on to your valves on disc wheels? - 

With these flexible valve extensions you simply fit the small o-ring seal, open the valve and screw on the extender.

  • The preferred solution for tyres or inner tubes where the valve core is not removable, but works with all valves.
  • The flexible section is not under full tyre pressure, just during inflation, so less chance of leaks.
  • 61mm long from valve seat to pump end.
  • But, you'll need a long, very thin, poky thing to reach the valve core to release pressure, if needed.

There is another version made by Corima, where the valve core is moved to the pump end of the extender. We don't recommend this alternative version as the flexible section can leak and lose pressure, but it does work better with threaded pump connectors.