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Founded by Rainer Küschall in 1978, the company a specialist in producing solutions for people with disabilities. The company has developed several technical innovations that have changed the life of thousands of people with reduced mobility. In 1995, Küschall became a part of the Invacare Group and expanded its presence worldwide.

Rainer Küschall is above all an accomplished man; but to reach this level of fulfilment has required a lifetime of challenges. The first years of tetraplegia after his swimming accident at the age of 16 forbade him the access to even the minimum of mobility. Only when he met his wife to be, was he able to leave the rehab centre and start constructing a life for himself.

Rainer has always strived to achieve his main ambition: To be able to express his identity and reach freedom through independence in mobility. It is this goal that brought him to create his own wheelchairs, both for everyday use and sports. Rainer has won 21 Olympic medals and created numerous wheelchair designs which represent the benchmark in today’s world of mobility, in terms of lightness and performance.

His innovative power has been confirmed many times through prizes such as the award for best design from the Museum of Modern Art in New York, but also through the fact that the Küschall designs are an industry reference even for our competitors.

Today, things have not changed. Rainer and the küschall-Team of engineers still manage to reinvent the wheel. There is no limit to innovation when it comes to finding ways of increasing the quality of life of wheelchair users around the world. Rainer and his Team invent for the many individual personalities who strive to express themselves through their activities; personalities who need utmost performance and quality to carry out their lifestyle.

Research and Development

Küschall is constantly improving its solutions to provide the best products in terms of quality, performance and design. During these 34 first years, our R&D department has developed numerous technical innovations that have changed the face of the wheelchair market.


The consistent quality of our products is a key pillar of all our activities. For us, Quality means the commitment to providing our customers with total satisfaction, with our products and our services. To achieve this we fully adhere to all specified quality standards, complete orders swiftly and fully and realize a delivery service that meets, and in many cases exceeds, customer expectations.


How is your küschall wheelchair manufactured?

Since nearly 35 years, küschall is producing active wheelchairs and it is not unusual to see küschall wheelchairs in use around the world. But how are these wheelchairs made? Read on for our manufacturing secrets…

A production based on your needs

The history of a küschall wheelchair starts by küschall provider when wheelchair users explain their needs. This information is then transferred to us by Invacare sales units. To ensure we provide the best solution possible, we choose to adapt our production line to customers requests. Wheelchair users can choose the exact wheelchair needed with all the options and configuration desired. This method ensures a truly made-to-measure product!

The  ‘Made in Switzerland’ label 

All küschall wheelchairs are assembled in Witterswil (Switzerland) by küschall specialists to provide users with the renowned ‘Made in Switzerland’ quality guarantee.

Continuous quality monitoring 

When we receive your request, the customer service verifies your order and gives the green light to our production facility. An order clerk then meticulously gathers all the parts needed for the production of your wheelchair and hands them over to a küschall specialist. The küschall specialist oversees the assembling of the wheelchair. Everything is done in the same place, with a single dedicated specialist per wheelchair.

Always quality controlled

All küschall wheelchairs are controlled before delivery. Quality control is carried out by our quality expert who is a wheelchair user for many years. Indeed, having worked with us for over 20 years, he has encyclopedic knowledge about küschall and knows the specificities of our products inside out!

Quality, follow up and control are key values for Küschall in the manufacturing of Küschall wheelchairs.

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