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Founded in 1999, Topolino Technology was created with a mission to design and develop innovative products in specialized technology arenas. Chief Engineer and Founder Raphael Schlanger brings over 25 years of engineering experience in the medical and bicycling industries, and has over 20 patents in the field. With a focus on advanced composite materials in the development of wheels, his designs have won prestigious awards and have been raced by athletes at the highest levels of competition. Topolino Technology prides itself on designing and delivering quality products based on genuine innovation in materials and engineering. Topolino wheels represent a true revolution in wheel construction that are based on patented designs, cutting edge construction, and advanced composite materials.

Driven by true engineering improvements using extraordinary materials, their products perform like no other. Driven by true engineering improvements using extraordinary materials, our products perform like no other.

Handbuilt in ConneticutBeyond the advanced technology, each Topolino wheel is hand built by skilled craftsmen who understand wheels and are devoted to the highest quality build. The wheels are individually crafted in Topolino's workshop in the small town of Bethel, Connecticut.USA.

This excruciating attention to detail is key to building the finest and lightest wheels on the planet.

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  • Topolino Wheels

    Topolino Wheels

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