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Tufo Extreme 19mm Tub Tape

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£5.75 including VAT

The best tub tape available

It's what we use in the workshop

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Detailed Description

  • Tufo have developed special double sided tubular gluing tape for installing tubs on any tubular rim. 

  • This tape is very different from all the similar products on the market. 

  • When using the tape, installation of the tubular is fast, safe and very clean. 

  • Right after the installation, your wheels are ready for riding, no need to wait for the glue to set.

  • The tape consists of a few layers, every layer has its function with its own specific rim side and tyre side.

  • Active white strip on the tyre side is absorbed into the tubular base tape resulting in a perfect tubular rim bond.

  • Due to the protective plastic film, the tubular is easily installed and centred on the rim. 

  • The film is pulled out from underneath the tubular after installation.

Standard Features

  • Dual compound adhesive

  • Suitable for both aluminium and carbon rims

  • Plastic carrier tape for easy application

  • 1 roll fits one 700c/622 rim, 2 rolls are enough for three 20"/432mm front tyres.