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Triride Special-Compact

Price from (Excl. Tax) £4,450.00 Price from (Incl. Tax) £5,340.00
The product qualifies for VAT exemption
Product Weight: 10.5kg(gr)

Special-Compact Model - 10.5kg, 936W motor 36V battery

Demo model available to try

Detailed Description

This is the "Special Compact" version. Ideal for those who need to use in narrow places. Easy to attach, easy to put into cars boots, easy to handle with excellent performance.

The Special compact model features a 12" wheel, built-in computer controlled software easily controlled from a LCD display on the handlebars. The display gives information about speed, milage, average speed, trip distance, battery charge etc.

Easily controlled speed levels from the handlebars to comply with the British Road Regulations - 

Level 1 = 4mph (pavements and bicycle lanes)

Level 2 = 8mph (public roads)

Level 3-5 for use in private areas.

The Special Compact is light and easy to handle due to its lightweight and compactness, and powerful when needed. 

Standard Features

  • 12" Wheel.
  • 10.5Kg.
  • High power torque motor - Max power 936W (36V - 10A battery standard) or 1350W (48V - 10A battery upgrade)
  • Range of up to 50km on a single charge.
  • Multifunction LCD display.
  • 5 speed electronically controlled with reverse, electronic control unit programmed with proprietary software.
  • Combined disc and motor brake.
  • Cruise control.
  • Fitting clamps.
  • Assisted caster raising.
  • Electronic motor brake.
  • Battery "Re-gen" when e-brake in action
  • Stainless Steel frame.

Optional Features

Numerous options available to include -   

  • Intelligent Braking System with better performance than the standard e-brake.
  • Choice of frame colour - Black, White, Red, Blue -Custom finish of your choice - Custom Laser engraving (on the steering column)
  • Choice of mudguard colour - Black, Blue, Orange, Green, light Blue.
  • Battery upgrade (36V - 48V) - Travel battery suitable for planes - 36V x 7Ah, 48V x 5.5Ah.
  • T stand.
  • Triride large carry bag.
  • Hand control options available for tetraplegics -
Call for more information on the various options available.


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