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Draft Mistral

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British built, World class.

Detailed Description

The Draft racing chair comes from over a decade of quiet research and evolution leading to international acclaim as one of the best racing wheelchairs available in the world. Our racing chair has been designed to achieve that sweetspot of being fully custom built, lightweight and stiff enough, without compromising strength, performance and safety. See our racing chair gallery

Each chair is individually custom built by Dan Chambers, Company Director at Draft Wheelchairs. Over 17 years, every weld on every chair that bears the Draft name (and quite a few that don't) has been carefully executed by Dan. Each specification is carried out in a collaboration between Dan and Chris Madden, here at our workshop in Cambridgeshire. We will spend as long as you like discussing your seating position, pushing style, preferences, body shape etc along with the current trends in design and research. We usually allow 2-3 hours for an assessment, so won't be rushing you off after 30 minutes like some other manufacturers. 

Production is limited to approximately 20 chairs each year, with several months waiting time for delivery. We are a friendly, skilled craft workshop who actually enjoy meeting our clients, not a production line of anonymous welders building to faxed specification forms, while watching the clock.

Each chair begins with a blank sheet of paper, because our chairs need to be as variable and varied as our clients. An infinite number of configurations are possible from the traditional sitting position with adjustable cloth upholstery and a footplate to full solid kneelers with foot pod, solid backs, carbon seats, ratchet or kayak backs, rain tips, flag mounts etc. After an assessment (allow 2-3 hours), each chair is individually tailor-made  by us in our workshop for each client; no production lines or pre-fabrication. Clients are often asked for a fitting mid-build to allow any fine tuning to be done.

Most of our international clients book a 3 or 4 day visit to the workshop and have their chair built around them. This usually needs to be booked several months in advance. You can try your chair before we send it for spray or indeed take it away in a raw aluminium finish. All forming, fabrication, welding, wheel building and assembly is carried out in-house by Dan, Ryan and Chris, from 12 foot long raw tubing to finished product. You can meet and discuss your chair requirements with the people who actually build it, by hand, one tube at a time.

We are always interested in new ideas which our clients bring us. this way, our chairs evolve along with the sport. We always strive to fit our chairs to you, not you to our chair.  This service and attention to detail understandably takes considerably longer to deliver than a production line chair, but many world class athletes believe that it is well worth the wait.

Here's a couple of our chairs which you might have seen around. They give a good idea of the range of custom work that can be done for you. It's almost impossible to fit this sort of work into a tickbox specification form. Usually the athletes will visit us and I build the chair around them, with multiple fittings and assessments along the way. Contact us for details:

Standard Features

  • 100% Custom built frame

  • Wrap round integral mudguards

  • Aluminium side guards

  • V , open V or T framestyle

  • Top steering V handles with integral computer mount

  • 20 degree raked fork for precise steering and stable cornering

  • Easy access compensator with no-tool track stop adjustment and easy to hit big paddles

  • Strap adjustable back and seat canvas

  • 700c/622mm/28" or 650c/571mm/26" handbuilt rear wheels with ProLite hubs, Velocity rims and double-butted stainless spokes

  • Clincher rear tyres

  • 18" or 20" front spoked wheel, 50mm wide ProLite hub with Velocity rim and double butted spokes

  • Vittoria tubular front tyre

  • Push rims 12" to 16" in 1/2" increments and 14 stand off

  • Camber 11 to 13 degree

  • High quality caliper brake with Dia-Compe adjustable brake lever (right or left hand mounted)

  • Numerous powder coat colours

  • Free assessment

Optional Features

  • Custom steering handle

  • Solid kneeler with padding

  • Removed camber bar

  • Solid carbon or aluminium composite seat

  • Seat cushion

  • Aerodynamic foot pod

  • Foot divider

  • Corima carbon disc wheels

  • Aero or 4 spoke carbon rear wheels

  • Carbon Aero 20" front wheel

  • Fully adjustable foot plate

  • Pushrim tyre coating, sewn on tyre or Go-Ring rubber

  • Ratchet back strap

  • Carbon brake lever with internal cable routing

  • Carbon, aluminium and titanium lightweight brake options

  • Cordless racing glove friendly computer.

  • Cut away mudguards and rain tips

  • Multiple computer mounts

  • Flag mounts