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CeramicSpeed bearings for Sports disciplines

CeramicSpeed is one of the world’s leading suppliers of ceramic bearings. The company consists of two specialised sales channels, focusing on cycling and industrial applications. We have more than 15 years’ experience in bearings applications, and have developed close relationships with our component suppliers over the years – each of whom are the very best in their fields. All of our bearings are hand assembled in Denmark.

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  • CeramicSpeed 6001

    CeramicSpeed 6001

    Price excl VAT (Excl. Tax) £55.00 Price excl VAT (Incl. Tax) £66.00
  • CeramicSpeed 6802

    CeramicSpeed 6802

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  • CeramicSpeed 6001

    CeramicSpeed R8

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  • CeramicSpeed 6902

    CeramicSpeed 6902

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Sponsorship ContadorToday our products are distributed worldwide, and you can find them either in our web-shop or in shops in more than 20 countries. We are the only bearing brand in the world to sponsor 3 World Tour teams, SaxoTinkoff, Astana and OmegaPharma; and we also sponsor many other athletes within both triathlon and MTB. You can read more about our teams and athletes under sponsorships.

OEM Customers

OEM customers form an important part of our business. We supply CeramicSpeed bearings directly to a number of top brands, including SRAM, Specialized, PowerTap, MadFiber and 3T, working closely together with their R&D teams. 

Giving you the edge on the competition

CeramicSpeed bearings for sports applications are developed to give you the lowest friction and the longest lifetime. Our vision is to develop bearings solutions without compromises! We have high standards and want to contribute to better performance for the athletes who use our bearings.

The founder

Founder LululemonbikeThe founder of CeramicSpeed, Jacob Csizmadia, was the first person in the world to introduce ceramic bearings to professional cyclists, back in 2000.  Jacob personally supervises upgrades of bicycles for professional teams and individual racing enthusiasts, to ensure unsurpassed quality, performance and high value.

Jacob Csizmadia broke the world record for 24 hour skating in 1998, becoming the first person to break the magic 500km barrier. In 1997 the record was 402km, and the increase to 505km was largely due to the change from steel to ceramic bearings.

It is not about being in the race - it's about winning the race!
With CeramicSpeed you have a better chance than your competitors!