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Wolturnus A/S is a 100% Danish privately owned company located in the north of Denmark.

Founded in 2002 Wolturnus has been designing high quality wheelchairs and handbikes based on our knowledge of the cycling industry and extensive co-operation with wheelchair users and wheelchair bound extreme sports people participating in sports at competition level.

All Wolturnus wheelchairs and handbikes are handmade in Denmark and supplied as adjustable standard models or tailor-made to your anatomy, needs and personal taste.

Our product range includes:

  • Ultra lightweight rigid frame wheelchairs
  • Light and compact power wheelchairs
  • Sports wheelchairs
  • Handbikes

It is our mission to empower you to lead a normal life where you can participate actively and independently in society. For this reason it is important to us that a wheelchair or handbike is fitted exactly to suit you.

Highest standards


Our products are CE-marked. This is your guarantee that the products comply with the essential requirements in the European Medical Device Directive 92/42/EEC for class 1 equipment. For all class 1 devices, the Danish Medicines Agency conducts random checks of the manufacturers to control that products are thoroughly documented.

TÜV certification

In addition to the required CE-marking, Wolturnus also meets TÜV requirements, a strict control of the manufacturing process by the impartial German control institute TÜV. The TÜV control is especially vigilant when it comes to design, risk assessments, clinical testing and biocompatibility. The certificate is re-evaluated annually.

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