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Quokka Bags

About Quokka

It was Ingeborg’s idea and inspiration that lead to the creation of Quokka. Ingeborg Meurkens (the Netherlands, 1956), mother of two daughters, lives in Belgium. She was diagnosed with MS 30 years ago. Since 2010 Ingeborg has been dependant on a wheelchair. In that time she kept her bag in her lap (uncomfortable!) or at the back of her wheelchair (unsafe!).However, being the bag aficionado she is, she decided to invent a better, more practical bag for wheelchair users.

No more webbing straps, string, gaffer tape, buckles or velcro...Just slot in and go.

In order to make the idea work, German cycle bag manufacturers Rixen and Kaul developed two special adapters for Quokka that makes it possible to attach their bags to your wheelchair. Their Patented KLICKfix® system has been carefully re-developed in such a way that it does not make your wheelchair any wider after attaching a Quokka bag. It also allows the bags to be locked onto the wheelchair with one simple movement.

This mounting system, combined with the bags' thin profile means that they won't get knocked off or snag on door frames.

QUOKKA BAG - Information film from Quokka Bag on Vimeo.

PS: What is a Quokka anyway?

It's a small Australian marsupial...much loved, small and cute with a pouch on the front!

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